11 Responses to “Domain Picks Dropping on July 28th 2014”

  1. Luke says:

    Sounds like it’s time to find a new registrar!

  2. WTF says:

    This type of behavior by Dynodot is inviting the alphabet soup. FTC,FBI,NTIA are all going to be part of the domain landscape due to bullshit like this.

  3. BullS says:

    This is almost as bad or worst than the customer service from comcast


  4. sukhjin says:


    Dont waste your time, dynadot sucks so bad. Last time I used them was around 2008 and one incident I was out of there, I had approx 500 domains there at one time, and I have NONE today.

    It all started from refund issue as well, their customer service sucks so bad, and their polices are crap blah, I can go on and on.

    Another reason to consider, Its not worth PAYING too much money when you can get cheaper elsewhere.

    TRY Namecheap, if you like simple user interface, namecheap is way better than dyndadot. Dynadot sucked for me, and i will never go back and I recommend same to others, dont pay high price when their service sucks and they have stupid polices like no one in the industry

  5. sukhjin says:

    BTW- FLEP THOSE dynadot credit and bullshit, they dont refund, but give DD credits , LAME if you ask me. You call them , one dude sitting in boredom answer, “We cant refund , its our policy” Dude I just spent 1500, by mistake on credit, and you are not going to refund and issue me DD credits. Lame!!

  6. IMHO that’s not how a customer care should work … and being sarcastic is totally out of place …
    Mark, if you have Dynadot CEO contacts (if don’t I can email you), I’d suggest you address your issue directly to him, and see what he thinks about it.

    My Domain of the Day (I’m sure you like it as well Mark 😉 ):
    All serious offers are welcome.

  7. manos says:

    Dynadot has the real pro sophisticated control panel for users who have many hundreds of names.
    Bulk operations are sweet as well.
    It is my no 1 registrar by far besides the support problems
    As for pricing, especially at super bulk customers there is not comparison with namecheap etc, only gd with coupons can go lower

    • Sukhjin says:

      If you use a coupon with namecheap it comes about same price and you get free privacy and dynadot cost is extra. Bulk pricing only saves you few bucks, the names at namecheap are about same price that you get with bulk discounts at dynadot and pay extra for privacy. Strongly recommend stay away from dynadot.

      • manos says:

        Privacy is free at dynadot for unlimited names for bulk and super bulk customers.
        Namecheap can not reach with any coupon the $13 renewal at .me, $23 at .tv and $8 at .com that dynadot has without coupon.
        And of course as many we have thousands of names at dyna would be impossible to have eg 2000 coupons
        for whatever

        • Sukhjin says:

          Bulk/super bulk …..most ppl don’t have that and am referring to them so they better be off better at namecheap.

          And I was their bulk customer once and their customer service sucks and policies as well, just wait until you run into one of that problem and. Game over!

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