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  1. BullS says:

    Without her, I think you will be 6ft under by now.

    Why is it that all great musicians have to be so stoned by drugs or alcohol and hit rock bottom and then suddenly come out with one good song…?


  2. BullS says:

    Weekend Musssssings:

    eat sleep eat sleep relax and enjoying the cool 80s ocean weather.

    I checked out Domain Shame’s Big List today and usually there is nothing much in there, usually the typical feminism bitchins about himself but today there is something worthwhile reading…

    To confirm his observation, yes, Americans are not only fat, they are ignorant and lack patience. They eat whatever is put in front of them.
    Yes, food prices is the lowest in USA compare to other part of the world.
    I have been traveling alot, across this vast country and always those damn fat people taking my space in the plane. Please airlines, charge them!! triple

    Hey don’t forget to check out the super moon and the millions of shooting stars tonite.

  3. Ms Domainer says:

    Eat a decent meal and stop with the hard stuff already! Never drink when you’re lonely and/or alone. If someone is with you, at least he or she can take you to the hospital and get your stomach pumped (or whatever they do these days).

    What you describe is scary stuff, and at our age could be fatal.

    A few years back, I had an unfortunate encounter with Absinthe (some evil green stuff called Mr Jekyll — I was in Europe at the time); I was so sick that I thought I would die…

    Anyway, I obviously survived but much chastened. I’m no teetotaler Carrie Nation, but I’m more careful about what I drink and how much I drink.

    Anyway, hoping you’re feeling better!

    • Mark says:

      I really didn’t drink a crazy amount, I am just not used to doing vodka shots at noon, that made me want to take a nap, it was passing out on the couch watching TV with my neck in a bad position or something that caused most my problems. It happened before but not nearly as bad when I slept in a cheap on the road motel with horrible pillows. I love my cozy bed lol.

      I feel great today, no drinking and a few good meals makes all the difference…

  4. BullS says:

    I suggest you, Mr.Mark, yes you go stay with your buddy Mr.Domain Shane for a month.

    He will shape you up in no time.

    Up at 4am, bike for 26miles, then run for 10miles and swim in the Illinois river for 20miles… this will definitely shape you up and if you still have energy left, start moving all the pots of soil in his nursery.

    Domain Shane should start a physical training program for all these fat drunkard domainers!!

  5. owen frager says:

    You must be pretty certain your wife wouldn’t ever read your blog. If so… busted!

    • Mark says:

      LOL, she does sometimes, she knows that left alone I get in nothing but trouble, I make a really bad bachelor, I’ve got priors, this just goes to show that I can get in trouble on my own even if I don’t leave the house. And I am sure she expects to come home to a dirty bachelor pad but I cleaned everything today so she will be happy…

  6. Andrew Hyde says:

    I broke my neck in 3 places 8 years ago and am lucky to be walking around now. Drinking dehydrates your tissues and causes the muscles to tighten, crushing disks and nerves. I don’t drink any alcohol. Not preaching at you, but there are a lot better things to drink and exercise really helps. It won’t get any better with age, so while you still spry, get strong. Have a muscle relaxer / pain pill cocktail… don’t over do it.

    • Mark says:

      I really don’t drink much anymore, my wife was away so I was drowning my sorrows, not the best way to deal with it, and I don’t do the pain killers because I have too much of a history with drug addiction, once I got off them years ago I haven’t touched them again, a little smoke maybe but no hard drugs, even when I was in the hospital for over a month I made them take me off all pain killers in the first week, they kept trying to push them on me the whole time, it was easier to take the pain of my broken neck than to take a chance on the pain of being all strung out on opiates again, legal or not…

      • Andrew Hyde says:

        Appreciate you having the courage to handle your addiction head on. Don’t go down that road again. Staying hydrated helps me the most. I don’t have that issue and it’s a last resort to mobility. What also helps my neck pain is to use a brace to stretch it out for a day or two. I tell everyone it’s to keep me from licking my…

  7. Great to hear you feel better now Mark!
    I told you not to exaggerate with Finnish Vodka(.com) … lol … kidding 😉
    By the way, as the guy above said, alcohol is bad for people with muscular/joints issues … well, actually IMHO is not bad only in these cases, that’s why I don’t drink it :)
    Next time … water! lol

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  8. Peer says:

    Hi Mark,

    Just saw the link thru Shane’s blog. Very inspiring story. It puts things perspective. Take care.

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