2 Responses to “Domain Picks Dropping on Aug 14th 2014”

  1. “CreteHoliday.com – I wish I was on one right about now”
    Mark, you should ask Kosta to invite you to Crete, I have been there and it’s very nice 😉
    I love Greece indeed, and never forget it was the nest of democracy!
    Maybe we can meet there someday, who knows!

    “Sorento.com – Beware of KIA, I used to eat at a Sorentos, $236k Estibot value”
    The funny thing is that the name they chose for the car is a clear misspell of Sorrento, which is an Italian town, and a popular tourist spot.

    Btw, my last purchase: FrozenFoodDelivery.com (Frozen Food Delivery).
    Some people don’t like 3 words names, but Frank and MM sell them for big bucks 😉

  2. Andrew says:

    I’m sure KIA could make a claim as could anyone, but if the registrant wasn’t selling cars, would they win. Check out Nissan.com – I still find it hard to believe Nissan Motors hasn’t bought this guy out.

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