6 Responses to “Domain Picks Dropping on Aug 23rd 2014”

  1. shane redmond says:

    Dotcom is king new tlds have there place but i think will be a long slow slog for them keep up the great work shane

  2. “I am sure many will be dropping like flies soon enough also”
    Yeah, you are damn right Mark 😉 , the showdown is coming!

    My Domain of the Day:
    TwoPieceDresses.com (Two Piece Dresses)
    Serious offers are welcome.

  3. BullS says:

    You have nothing to talk about the new gTLD’s because there is nothing to talk about….dudh!


    stick with something we all know…dot com

  4. Aaron says:

    Thanks again for the picks Mark. I am like a domain junky also. I agree with your strategy.

  5. Kreativconsults says:

    Not sure why herbalgrowers wasn’t picked up by anyone, I’m giving it a shot, hopefully something great would come my way someday as regarding it.

    @Mark, thanks for posting this. =D

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