4 Responses to “Domain Picks Dropping on Aug 31st 2014”

  1. Kassey says:

    I see that you also registered VinylGrooves.com in 1998. Very smart even back then when you knew how to protect your asset.

  2. Scott Neuman says:

    I didn’t know you owned Vinyl Grooves.com, I own Vinylweb.com, Vinyltechnologies.com, Forevervinyl.com and Recordweb.com plus Vinylappraisals.com and RecordAppraisals.com. Nice to see a another vinyl freak.

  3. BullS says:

    Nice to see a another vinyl freak……I am a vinnl freak, I still play my record player.


  4. owen frager says:

    beware of udrp on bluejeans.tv I think it was scott Day who scored with video conferencing to the fortune 500 giant, BlueJeans.com and they should technically own the .TV. http://bluejeans.com

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