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  1. BullS says:

    My weekend mussssings–I am at the US Open tennis in Flushing Meadows! -Louis Armstrong Stadium

    see me on TV!


  2. “Did you ever get a great idea and register like a dozen or 100 domain names based on the theme? I have. I see PestControlPomona.com and about 85 other PestControl(Geo).com domains dropping tomorrow”.

    Mark, sometimes I have this type of ideas, but I just reg a few names to test, surely not dozen or hundred 😉
    Personally don’t like so much business + geo names, just my view though.

    On a different note, end of summer, new month, back to business!
    We have got a new great generic, category killer domain on exclusive to divest:

    WomensClothes.com (Womens Clothes)

    Womens Clothes is one of the most dynamic segments of the fashion industry, and this term is by far the most searched for, even more than “Clothing” and “Clothes”.
    Over 7.6 million Exact Monthly Searches (including Google & search partners, Yahoo and Bing. Source: Google AdWords Keyword Planner, Yahoo, Bing, DomainIndex.com), with many advertisers (High Competition) and a current CPC of 1.14 USD.
    Great name to build a multimillion $ business!

    Clothes.com was purchased for 4.9 mln $ by Zappos in 2008.

    For any info contact us through our website.

    Have a great Labor Day Mark! :)

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