10 Responses to “Domain Picks Dropping on Sep 10th 2014”

  1. I am running a “Where is Mark” campaign!
    Look 2 posts before yours in domaining.com.

    iTranny.com lol
    Glad you are back!

  2. Aaron Strong says:

    lol……iTranny.com put me on the floor…..It’s just not the same without you on the blog roll….#WhereIsMark and #ComeBackMark

  3. I’m your Big fan and reading your website almost 6 months.

    i sold few names for XXXX range and looking for Big sales like your’s 5 figure $.

    BTW: Domain of the day:
    http://www.BitcoinAdvocate.com for sale.

    Contact via [email protected] (or) skype: preimumbitcoins

  4. DrDomainer says:

    Maybe you should change your name
    to trannydomainer.com bet that would
    get lots of clicks via domaining.com lol

  5. Eric Borgos says:

    After Apple’s big announcement yesterday of “Apple Pay”, iRemit.com seems like a good name to buy since people might get it confused with Apple’s official version.

  6. Welcome back Mark! We thought you were MIA on your roof trying to fix your satellite connection! jk 😀
    lol @ iTranny.com … hopefully I’m not in adult names …
    About Apple yesterday “big announcement”, Apple watch is really a useless junk toy …
    Unlike Owen Frager, who’s constantly pumping them (I guess his pocket is full of AAPL … lol), I think it’s time to sell Apple shares … sorry Owen, but I don’t see them anytime soon reaching 200$, as you forecast.

  7. If you liked iTranny.com I am sure you will like SexyGranny.com that I just saw at DropCatch.com!

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