6 Responses to “Domain Picks Dropping on Sep 18th 2014”

  1. Ron Wells says:

    Good luck with your sale! I’ve also sold a few of those lately (I’m also bullish on marijuana, hemp and cannabis names)

  2. BullS says:

    oh yea..now you are talking

    marijuanadomain.com and loads of marijuana domains

    passin the peace pipe to you from marijuanaguy.com

  3. Ian Ingram says:

    The offers and sales of marijuana domains have definitely gone way up. We’ve had many on PotKing.com but aren’t going to let it go for cheap…

  4. Congrats Mark on the sale and wish you all the best in closing successfully 5 fig sale.

    Nice names on today’s dropping list.

  5. Very cool , trying to win next week in new tlds coming out drug.deals , marijuana.deals etc

    Love the site

  6. Andrew says:

    Don’t have any pot names, but I do have Buzzard.org – it could be a smokers membership group? : )

    Maybe after puff, puff, pass becomes law…

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