27 Responses to “Domain Picks Dropping on Sep 20th 2014”

  1. MikeS says:

    Gaming.Website is $3,000 per year, I am sure gambling.website was $1180 when I looked it up

  2. MikeS says:

    FYI gamble.website is $600 so sleep better :-)

  3. Eric Borgos says:

    Good advice, about closing deals.

  4. brand says:

    Sounds like someone has maybe had enough when buyers don’t pay or like you say, they accept a deal then never follow threw.
    I have suggested a few things in the past that have fallen on deaf ears. i guess domainers really don’t care if they get paid or not because nothing ever changes.
    This business of selling domains is all done on the honor system, they do business on a handshake.
    For this to change, it takes the corporate domainers to stand up and be heard loud and clear that things have to change.
    The guys like you Mark that have a popular blog site have a good way to change things.
    I suggested a sale agreement over a certain dollars amount must have a deposit of 10% put down first before the sale is to continue to escrow, it will save everyone a lot of headaches.
    I have heard you mark talk about not being paid, i have had too many deal where i have not been paid and i heard konstantinos talk about it as well.

  5. I like ozparty.com because Aussies know how to party hard keep up great work

  6. Aaron Strong says:

    As a serial entrepreneur I am always selling products and services…I have sold many products, across many different industries, and the “sales techniques” or “power of persuasion” remains the same….However, selling domains is a whole different animal… All written rules and “sales techniques” are thrown off the horse in the wild west of domaining….Good luck yall, carry a big iron with one in the chamber and keep the sun on your back as you venture into the wild west of domaining….

    Domain of the day – DomainIndustryAssociation.com

  7. Mark,
    I think an interesting idea could be the integration of an Escrow button into a “make an offer” box.
    This way the offer will immediately start a transaction at that price, and at that point it’s up to the seller deciding if accepting it or not.
    In this case, if buyer backs out, he/she will have to pay the Escrow fees.
    Both requesting a deposit, as Brand mentioned, and this method should somehow deter fake buyers and other “silly” people.

    • brand says:

      That’s a good idea as well, if they back out after accepting that the transaction be sent to escrow, they still paid the fees.
      I forgot to say like last time on my idea.
      If they put down the 10% then back out they lose the deposit.
      Funny Andrea, you were the only one that cared enough to make a comment last time i brought this up and here you are again.
      IMO, these domain are hard enough to sell, people have far to many options out there now and taking a persons word that they will pay just doesn’t work anymore.

      • “taking a persons word that they will pay just doesn’t work anymore.”
        Exactly … :)
        In Italy we say “verba volant scripta manent”, which in Latin means “spoken words fly away, written words remain”.

  8. todd says:

    I had my names at DNS for a while and got 10 times more offers than any other platform but like you, they never sold or the buyer disappeared. Is it possible these offers are bogus by DNS to make their sales platform look better than it really is. Let’s be realistic, why would anyone get more offers through them than another platform. It doesn’t make sense. Not pointing fingers but curious.

    • brand says:

      That wouldn’t surprise me a bit, goes to show what a racket all this is.

    • Mark says:

      I do not feel DNS is faking offers, as a matter of fact they are the most transparent of all the aftermarket platforms, I can actually see who is offering on my names, email, ip address, etc, and they are definitely not the only aftermarket with non paying buyers, and I get as many offers at Sedo and GoDaddy so personally I can’t say I get more offers at DNS.

      I also like that Frank responded that he will look into integrating some of these ideas, try and get Sedo or GoDaddy to change their ways, it wouldn’t happen, I have made numerous suggestions to Sedo that they should make it so I can go back for 5 or 7 days and accept an offer that I counter when the buyer doesn’t respond to my counter, I am sure they would sell many more domains with this option, but those suggestions just fall on deaf ears…

      • “they are the most transparent of all the aftermarket platforms, I can actually see who is offering on my names, email, ip address, etc”

        just to let you know that also Voodoo offers those features, and IMHO their parking platform is more complete, since it provides more stats and optimization tools.
        Another feature we appreciate is that Voodoo has no conflicts of interest regarding the brokerage side (they don’t have a big portfolio of domains to sell), so they are not interested to use our leads … sorry Frank, no offense, but I’m used to say things as they look/are …
        These are the main reasons why we left DNS (we had already moved all our domains when Jeffrey Gabriel closed our account … maybe you remember the querelle …).

  9. Aaron says:

    My first month at DNS and I have experienced everything you guys are saying….

  10. Ethical Domainer says:

    personally I never touch gambling domains due to the ethical and moral stance involved towards them. There are so many people f##ked up financially with online gambling.

  11. Frank Schilling says:

    That’s great advice.. we will build it into our new closing process (under construction now)

  12. A says:

    You are right Mark, if they are not bogus offers, then it means they come from buyers that are only trying to go home with a price.

    Maybe DNS and all other platform could create a banner for all the landing pages, to put under the eyes of everyone everywhere, stating something like:
    “on DNS (sedo, afternic, ecc.) ALL QUOTATIONS GIVEN ARE VALID FOR 7 DAYS ONLY if not otherwise specified”.
    Maybe that could help to teach everyone that acting only to try to “go home with a fixed selling price” could be not the best technique…

    PS. Today is the last day of validity of my quotation for that wonderful new TLD – be sure my last message was not kept by your antispam…
    And be sure you’ll not go away after the Escrow transaction is opened :)

  13. A says:

    Or maybe even better:

    “Since good domains are the most underestimated assets on the planet, their prices are constantly increasing, therefore on DNS (sedo, afternic, ecc.) ALL QUOTATIONS GIVEN ARE VALID FOR 7 DAYS ONLY, if not otherwise specified”.

  14. brand says:

    Glad to see people are starting to talk about the serious problem of bogus buyers.
    But you have to make people stand by there word and the only way to do that is to hit them where it hurts.
    You have to hit them in the pocket book.
    If a person has made a commitment and they back out, then there is a price to pay.

  15. brand says:

    LOL @ lipservice.com, that’s classic.
    Nice appraisal too.

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