3 Responses to “Domain Picks Dropping on Sep 25th 2014”

  1. Go dotcoms same price always hate these new tlds with all diff prices go the old day reward for effort if you were good enough to get a top name you didn’t pay more than a bad one

    My domain casinovirtualreality.com

  2. I had same issue with .tv extension before.
    it’s very confusing and irritating to maintain those.anyhow, now i’m concentrating on more .com domains.

    Domain of the Day:

    Offer your price :)

  3. Lennard says:

    .tv somehow is always funny
    then again who knows what will happen with some of the new gTLDS

    my domains of the day: H-D.tv and Outlaw.club (better than the .me in your list i think 😉

    have fun!

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