4 Responses to “Domain Picks Dropping on Sep 28th 2014”

  1. brand says:

    Guess that’s why you never got back with people that left messages on your site, power was out…lol

  2. Here in Australia 30 dec and hot as usual be nice to see some rain

    My domain pick pokervirtualreality.com

  3. Aaron Strong says:

    Opened for Elvis, The King?…That is bad ass!!!….Long live Rock n Roll!!!!…Long live the King!!!…….(no disrespect to the Domain King, cause he is bad ass too)

    Saturday Night Domain Special – PowderedAlcohol.net/org

  4. BullS says:

    That why I always get to the airport early so I can take my time -and to read the Money/Entrepreneur magazines and have a nice cup of coffee.
    Today, my plane was delayed, no biggie, just read the Wall Street Journal.

    Nothing beats feeling the papers in your fingers.


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