5 Responses to “Domain Picks Dropping on Oct 3rd 2014”

  1. Aaron Strong says:

    I know it does not compare to UniRegistry, but I do have several Google Domains Beta invites, if anyone is interested contact me at Computer.Technology and mention “Domain Picks.”

    Domain of the day: Internet.Systems

    • Mark says:

      I tried to go to Computer.Technology and mention “Domain Picks” but it won’t resolve, am I having personal problems? I am interested to try out Google Domains…

      • Aaron Strong says:

        Mark – Thanks for the heads up regarding the website not resolving. Not sure if it has something to do with it being a “free” website with high traffic funneled from several domains. I will consult the experts……….Regarding the Google Domains Invite, I just need to submit an email. Do you want me to use the one listed here?

  2. I use uniteddomains.com they have been very helpful and have never had any problems and found them awesome

    My domain pick uneasiest.com like a lot of my other ones lol

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