6 Responses to “Domain Picks Dropping on Oct 14th 2014”

  1. BullS says:

    Some cities like Seattle are so freaking politically correct that they don’t called Columbus day, they renamed it to Ingenuous day

    WTF– call it the way they see it.
    You know all the mascot names like Redskin and etc have to be changed because it offends the native whatever!

    time to smoke some dopey to relieve the headache


  2. I think that is funny we have Australia Day here to celebrate the founding of Australia 1788 even though the aborigines had been here for thousands of years before hand

    My pick dronemilf.com

  3. Aaron Strong says:

    I discovered Peruvian Maca and was “up” for two days. (yes, I got some sleep)… In Peru they should celebrate “Strong” day…..

    Domain of the day: Healthcare.Management

    • Mark says:

      I told you that was one of my favorite herbs Peruvian Maca, it’s a tuber actually, like a potato, you can eat it like food. Maybe not the best midnight snack apparently if your trying to sleep lol…

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