9 Responses to “Domain Picks Dropping on Dec 5th 2014”

  1. MikeS says:

    Sedo is so 2011, anonymous guessing games are best left for $499 Fixed price domains.

    Stick to DNS, and be in control of your portfolio.

  2. Tony says:

    Just an FYI.

    CeilingVent.com is available for hand reg.

  3. Davidson says:

    Mark, you just frustrated my effort. A name that had no bidder for the past 3 days now has 5 bidders via namejet.

    I know you are doing a nice job but I felt like letting you know the disadvantage your work may have dented on other’s effort.


    • Mark says:

      I am sorry about that Davidson but if it was in my list I guarantee you I saw the domain also and others I know did too, we all wait til the last minute to bid so I am not so sure it would have been much of a secret. And I frustrate myself sometimes too when I like a name and want to score it and my policy is I list even the names I want to go for.

      I am truly sorry to be the cause of your frustration though, that is not good, and I do appreciate your reading my blog posts…


      • Davidson says:

        It’s okay Mark. But really, there were no bidder for the name because I checked a few hours before you announced it on your blog. I have been checking that name for several days and no single bidder for it. However, when your blog came on, I knew I was in for it and truly was as I feared.

        I do enjoy reading your blog. How is arm now? Hope it is fully healed. I bet so.

    • MikeS says:

      Davidson he is right, we all wait until the last minute, and then there are the ones who wait for your last min bid to jump in, so don’t think it would have gone unnoticed.

  4. No body ever bids till the last few seconds early bidders are crazy because in life we always want what others want first but when no body wants it we are less likely to want it ourselves this is just human nature so I feel you would have missed out as a good name will get the attention of those people in the know if not then we are all not doing a very good job to let one slip through it is just we all feel bummed to miss out

  5. Davidson says:

    Hey Guys, the domain is on Pending delete. So, its not yet in auction. It will drop today but Namejet shows backorders as bidders.

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