8 Responses to “Domain Picks Dropping on Dec 8th 2014”

  1. Aaron Strong says:

    Another company to watch in this emerging industry is Privateer Holdings….They are the owners of the first marijuana brand, “Marley Natural”, due out in 2015…

    Domain of the day: Privateer.com

    • Aaron,
      I see a lot of companies you could sell Privateer.com to, not only that one :)

      • Aaron Strong says:

        Andrea – Thanks!..I recently got that domain at an auction…I have some experience with motorcycle racing and it remains a huge keyword meaning “unsponsored” within that industry….Turns out the word is involved in liquor, tobacco, marijuana and many other industries…..Not exactly the domain for health food, but still a good buy…lol..

  2. Scott Neuman says:

    I’ve had GrowGreenGrass.com, UrbanGrass.com and AmericanSeed.com for the day Cannabis takes off.

  3. Ron Wells says:

    Nice list … I’ve received a few inquiries for domains related to the marijuana industry recently.

    Available: CultivationCenters .com

  4. BullS says:

    MarijuanaGuy.com says hi and passing the pipe to you all..

  5. I have pot.deals could be cool for the smoker on a budget lol

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