16 Responses to “Doman Picks Dropping on Jan 26th 2015”

  1. MikeS says:

    Man, you couldn’t be more right, these $40, $50, $79, and even $109 renewals sting, I have my cart all loaded, and my credit card qued up, and I am shaking my head what did I get myself into. I just renewed a batch of my gtld’s $2400.

    I just got them all over with for the year because I don’t want to think about them. If it was a .com portfolio it would be close to $400.

    The inquiries were must stronger the first 6 months, what I am noticing is that when more names get released, you just sort of get pushed further, and further down. .Guru is going to take a beating on the drops.

  2. Rob says:

    Can anyone list some domain examples of new gtlds they are deciding to renew right now? Or not renew?

  3. Mike Maillet says:

    I don’t understand, why dont you guys just invest in Dot coms? Dot coms are great, you get regular offers on them and they are easy to resell on Flippa and Godaddy. I make a living doing this, I stick with Dot coms!

    • Vishal says:

      I agree with you Mike. I would probably invest in dot com than on new gTLD’s. Dot com are easy to resell and people loves to buy dot com domain names. The chances are higher that people might pay a way better prices for dot com domain names as compared to gTlds’.

  4. Aaron Strong says:

    Gggggrrrrrrrrrrrr……Gggrrrrr…New G renewal season…..Ggggrrrrrr……


  5. Good to see you Mark in action and I hope you are doing well. Some nice names on the today’s list and always good to see your daily picks.

  6. Me too mate few of mine coming up and wondering weather to renew or not have pot.deals , marijuana.deals , stocks.guide , shares.guide , websites.guide but just don’t know heard a good joke other day

    How do you make a small fortune with new tlds

    You start with a large fortune first

    Think this is the truth in the end

    My domain pick hologramsocial.com

  7. Rob says:

    I agree, I’d drop it if renewal is $499/yr. Who would buy it with that renewal rate?? Cut your losses.

  8. Ram says:

    same situation here. lot of renewals are nearby next month. looking for few sales atleast at reasonable prices.

    Looking for Quick sale for http://www.CasinoPoker.me

  9. Hey mate hope all is ok haven’t heard from you and hope all is we’ll have looked everyday and worried that your not ok health wise thanks Shane

  10. webliza says:

    Good list Thanks.

  11. Edible Brand says:

    Your domains are very good..!!

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