20 Responses to “I have some domains for sale and I’d like to leverage your experience”

  1. Scott Neuman says:

    In addition to being a broker, I also own a record company dealing in hard to find and rare records and music items. While Mike (as we all know) has hundreds of thousands of domain names, it works the same way as my record company. Huge inventory to sell enough items to make a profit. The only difference is, Mikes warehouse space cost less then mine for storing domain names vs records. The guy has lotto tickets. Hope he hits.

  2. Hi Mark,
    I agree 100% with you. I don’t get any of these domains.
    Maybe they mean something to someone or some other language but not me. I admire you for being so polite.

    I love your lists but not for the lists… :)
    I like your comments at the top of each list.

  3. Your reply to him was dead on. Buy 1 good name instead of a bunch of nonsense. And he picks the one name that you can actually read. I have heard the term “thrill of the grill” 100’s of times. Sizzleofthegriddle, not so much. As it turns out thrillofthegriddle.com is still available for REG FEE.

  4. BullS says:

    His list is almost better than mine.

    Mark- I need your expertise. I am working on my marijuanaspices.com

    Here the ingredients:
    curry powder
    lemon balm
    and …….

    Will be on the market soon.
    My galfriend Martha Steward will test it out.

    Passin the pipe to you

  5. Anunt says:

    Is that a list of domains from jointventures.com

  6. I don’t understand what kind of creative domains they are! Those are all crap names. Looks the owner has used over smartness in buying those names. If you (Wahib) are reading this than please drop these names and buy some quality names posted on the daily list from DomainPicks.com

  7. BullS says:

    Hey folks, please please convert your negative insulting criticisms to positive karma energy.
    With the exposure of this great domainpicks.com blog,you never know some of his domains might sell for high $$$$. At least you can say they have potential.

    Cumming aka politically correct word is P*&^% juice-adds more spiciness to the marijuanaspices.com

    Passin the pipe to you all….

  8. Ms Domainer says:


    I’m less concerned about Wahib’s newbieness (we were all there) but more concerned about his total rudeness to you. I probably would have stopped the conversation after his first whiny email.

    He wasn’t looking for advice but for affirmation. You can’t educate a person like that.

    On Namepros, I like to help others when I can, and most of the time, people are grateful, but there are a few whiners who need to mind their manners.



    • Mark says:

      Thanks Jennifer. Like you said he was looking for affirmation and I did not affirm. I felt he was more frustrated and that just came off as rude, I understand his frustration. It’s like when you come home with something you got that you think is so great (like a puppy) and you excitedly tell your parents or your spouse and they look at you like you are crazy. Happens to me all the time…

  9. Paul says:

    This may be a great way for readers to stop sending you their lists…just list the names here and watch the comments……you are too cunning for your own good :)

    • Mark says:

      Actually I was thinking we could all chip in $10 or $20 and buy one of his domains but I can’t find a domain to buy from his list that won’t just give him false hope, I fear he will just take the money and go get more of these or actually pay the renewal fees on the ones he has?

  10. FazK says:

    That person was utterly rude but very patient and polite of you Mark. And as you said he might just be very frustrated and fails to realise that taking criticism is one of the key ingredients of success. Hope he masters this skill and takes all the comments from this blog post on board. Wishing wahib all the best.

  11. Cody says:

    I hope WAHIB comes across a name more suited to him. Like “I’m to Stessed.com”.

    Just a suggestion.


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