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  1. BullS says:

    I am not laughing at you but as a true friend, I am laughing with you AT me.

  2. todd says:

    DowJonesing.com is my favorite. Wonder what you were really “Jonesing” for when you registered that one. LOL

    • Mark says:

      LOL. I can’t say what I was Jonesing on at the time, something I’m sure.

      I also had some other TM domains I that I gave to the rightful owners like Tupperware.net and Toyotas.net and some others, and I saw Dow Jones was TM so I let it drop, I am not trying to infringe on any TM’s. In the old days I just got anything I recognized but then I learned what a TM was ha…

  3. Mark there is no reason to be embarrassed about this website and the domains you had. It just proves how much you have evolved.

    What is funny is that I run the 89 domains you have in your bargain section and found that 49 of them are currently registered.

    What is even funnier (to me) is that there a domain in there that actually makes sense to me! hugedomains.com owns the domain LAMPSi.com and LAMPSi means “glare” in Greek. lampsiFM.com is the website of a radio station here in Greece.

  4. And of course my favorite thing in the website is your email address: [email protected].
    It doesn’t make any sense! lol

    And I forgot to say that you own none of the 89 domains and you don’t even own factory.tv… :)

    • Mark says:

      OK you are just embarrassing me even more, lol. Like I said, I just dropped almost everything pre TripHop.com. This brings up a good point though, do I even know a good domain when I have one? I’m not so sure. I saw names I hand reg’d early on and dropped later out of insecurity that got picked up and sold for $1000’s later…

      Some I did keep and sell. And my [email protected], lol, I loved my domain factory.tv domain in 2000 and I dropped it in 2001, maybe I will buy it back and fire up my old [email protected] email, I actually like that better now than I did then…

      • I dropped a domain years ago and it was picked up by Frank. It was so and so and practically unsellable. I didn’t let much .com go after that except for TMs like you did. That was in 2004 and Frank still owns the domain.

        The point is that you can’t just know everything. That is why some people focus on domain niches. I have 5 or 6 of those because of my hobbies, location and yes because of my wife. :)

        I actually just noticed that someone is using [email protected] as their email address.

  5. Mark says:

    iesources.com lol. I am not sure what they are thinking, I mean what I was thinking ha.

    My favorite part of the site is the leasing part. I remember thinking leasing domains could be big business because it seemed like we were leasing them anyway with the annual reg fee, and at the time .tv was trying to do some kind of premium leasing reg fee thing so I thought why not pay a premium fee for a .com, but obviously I didn’t have all the legal things worked out yet lol:


    We are in the process of putting together a leasing program on all but our bargain names. We understand that purchasing a good domain name can certainly put a financial strain on start-up companies and small business owners, yet a good domain name can really make a difference in ones internet success. Therefore we believe leasing can be the perfect option. Once we get the legal details worked out so as to protect all parties involved and insure continued registration of the name we will post the details. If you are interested in leasing a name immediately contact us and we can work out the details.

  6. Mark says:

    I had big plans for factory.tv, I was going to do a QVC, HSN type thing but online. I never followed through and ended up dropping all the .tv domains except a few I sold, I could see soon into my .tv investing that it was not the path I wanted to follow and I started putting all my money on .com’s. I did start getting some .tv’s again though a few years ago, so far they have paid for themselves but still a gamble for sure.

    Here was my blurb at Factory.tv – I was so full of it lol:

    Factory.TV is one of the new generation of companies on the web that offers great quality, great selection, and great service at the lowest possible prices by utilizing the economies of a totally internet based business. By not having to maintain an expensive showroom stocked with salespeople, we are able to concentrate on supplying you with the best products in the world at the lowest factory direct prices.

  7. irfan says:

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  8. Adam says:

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