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  1. BullS says:

    Why should I check out DomainShameā€™s “big” List when yours is so much bigger than his and his is not even updated and he doesn’t have the courtesy of mentioning domainpick…

    Anyway, I met the richest man in the world and he said the name of your company is the name of your domain and the name of your website and it should be the name of YOU, your identity.

    so My name is MarijuanaGuy.com and I am here to sell marijuana.

    It makes sense!!

    • Mark says:

      If Shane linked to every new blog on the block that listed domains his site would have more link lists than domain lists and he would spend all day putting up and removing links. I can put a link to his site and I know it will be there when you click and it will have consistent lists of good names.

      And I just list domains that have expired and will be deleted, he lists domains that are pre-release and domains available at auctions and aftermarkets, so the lists generally don’t include the same domains. I have scored some decent names from Shane’s lists, I like his lists and think they are worth checking out so I include the link.

  2. Irfan says:

    Neat list of domains in your blog. I like the way you work daily to list them.

  3. Cody says:

    Who do I have to ……. to get an honest answer regarding how to sell my domain names?

    AllForums.com – 1998
    BetterEyes.com – 1998
    BrainTrackers.com – 2009
    CDBrainWork.com – 2010
    CDBrainWorks.com – 2010
    CostLessDrugs.com – 1999
    CyberSoup.com – 1996
    CyberSoup.net – 1998
    CyberSoupCafe.com – 2004
    CyberSoupKitchen.com – 2005
    CyberSoupMarketing.com – 2003
    MyCyberSoup.com – 2010
    DearPro.com – 1999
    DefamationHelp.com – 2010
    DiscountsForAll.com – 1999
    DVDBrainWorks.com – 2010
    FlashJigSawPuzzles.com – 2008
    GoodHabitCompany.com – 1998
    GuyStockwell.com – 1998
    HormoneHealthCare.com – 2007
    HotDiggedy.com – 1999
    IndiansOfAmerica.com – 2003
    JusticeThroughTruth.com – 2012
    JusticeThroughTruth.net – 2012
    JusticeThroughTruth.org – 2012
    LottaFlicks.com – 2005
    LottaGames.com – 2001
    LottaReviews.com – 1999
    MandelmanMatters.com – 2009
    MoneyAndBiz.com – 1999
    MysticalSoup.com – 2002
    QuizAngels.com – 2002
    SayHowdy.com – 1999
    SayHowdy.org – 2003
    SearchLite.com – 1997
    SearchLite.org – 1998
    ShareMyLegacy.com – 2008
    ShopASale.com – 1999
    SmartMart.com – 1996
    SpaceMagic.com – 1999
    TakeAQuiz.com – 1999
    TheWildWest.org – 1999
    WildWestFacts.com – 2005
    WinningDesigns.com – 1999
    XPlayWorld.com – 2004
    YourPOV.com – 1999
    Zippedy.com – 1999

    Any help would not go un-rewarded.


    • Paul says:


      I think your first thought has to be “who will buy my domain name…..who can i sell, it to” before a purchase.

      Age plays a factor, that is why I image you are displaying them, but just because a domain is old doesn’t mean it has value. In fact, if it is older, you would think it would be developed or in the hands of an enduser.

      So, if you have a soup names (cyber)…I would think of only 2-3-4 major players in the field…so very limited selling niche.

      Looks like most of your names of brandable…so that is really a harder sell too.

      Search companies that have your domains in their existing site.

      Great tool: http://www.domaintools.com/buy/domain-search/

      Also, if the domains are parked and get no real traffic or offers, that is a good indication that may or may not be worth holding onto.

      Estibot has great tool too: http://www.estibot.com/leads.php

      You may have to become paying member.

      But, at end of day…why would a company or small business want your domain name? Brands are tough sells.

      Good luck.

  4. Cody says:

    By the way, the ….. represents the word “thank”, just in case you were thinking of something else.

  5. Mark says:

    I don’t have any magic tricks Cody, I wish I did, I would share them, most everything I know is written on these blog pages.

    Honestly, I probably would not have registered most of these, that is just me, I do like HotDiggedy.com lol, what happened to HotDiggedyDog.com, I hope you sold that one for a bunch of money.

    It is hard for me to see the dates on these domains and not think about what else you could have got back in 1998 and 1999? If you were thinking about domains to resell then I don’t think these were the best domains, if you had great ideas for each of them like I did with my TuneFX.com that I posted about today I can understand and relate, not everybody was thinking about domain resale value back then.

    I registered my company name VinylGrooves.com in early 1998? I could have also probably picked up Vinyl.com and Grooves.com and VG.com for a “tune” back then, I wish I had but I got VinylGrooves.com instead, other than my company name it has no real value.

    Some of your names are definitely brandable and I like a few of them OK, but honestly, I do not have any easy answers on how to sell them…

  6. DoktorThomasā„¢ says:

    re: Cocksucking.tv

    This domain obviously refers to current North American television. This power-packed critic domain should go for millions, but with the sorry state of tasteless, uneducated American consumers and lame stream media, it probably will go unappreciated and sell for a song.

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