18 Responses to “Domain Picks Dropping on July 6th 2013”

  1. BullS says:

    Hey, I think you are taking it too seriously and you fell for his bait.

    I have said many times, giving opinions in this BS domaining world is pure BS and fun and games. It is like who can piss the furthest and the straightest.

    Someone blog under BullS and do I really care? We all know she is a faker cos there was no site identity.

    DYERISLAND.COM-make me an offer so I can go swimming with the sharks

    • Mark says:

      Actually I was kind of having fun with it…

    • Max says:

      He didn’t fall under any bait, he has a nice domain, simply he is selling it too early 😉

      Jokes aside, domainers have been selling Rolex and crap watches from China on the same shops for 12 years and more.
      Sorry, but this is really ridiculous.

      Launching a platfrom for 1 word domains only will benefit ALL, even the 2 word domains.

  2. Mike says:

    Great post Mark, it gets the creative thoughts flowing. Honestly, for your domain, it can go both ways. I say this everyday, its all about the salesmanship. If you push and hustle it properly, you might get 10k. But on the other hand if you just put up a basic Ebay listing for a 3 day auction that is poorly written, it might only sell for 500 bucks. This is how I make my living….buying undervalued web properties and flipping them through an elaborate showcasing event! I dont care what ANY domainer says, a domain is worth what it sells for….period.

  3. BullS says:

    I dont care what ANY domainer says, “””


  4. JJ must be jealous to see FashionSwimwear.com is owned by you 😉

    It’s a nice domain and can fetch more than $2k. Good luck :)

  5. Max says:

    “I commented “LOL” because I really thought this was funny, and Max even commented that he was trying to be funny”

    I commented that I was trying to be funny but I added that
    I was extremely serious too:

    “I wanted to be funny, but I can be extremely serious even when I am joking
    (in fact to be funny was my purpose, but I didn’t use emoticons :) ) ”

    Btw, of course FashionSwimwear is valued much more than $500

    • Mark says:

      I really did think your comments were very funny, so much so that I just featured them on my site, hope that is OK with you…

  6. Max says:

    No problem, it is OK (but my offer is going to expire…. :) )
    No problem, it is OK (Hoka Hey!)

  7. StringBikins.com?

    Now that name really is crap :)

  8. avaraganti says:

    Hi mark

    I have below domain names


    how much it could fetch me

    Thanks in advance

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