5 Responses to “Domain Picks Dropping on July 9th 2013”

  1. BullS says:

    Yea yea yea..another good day.

    Parking revenue up 60%, and highest today, high $$ just on one domain.

    Sold one domain,Made 1000% profit, yea, 1000% profit.

    Man, when you have fun doing this BS business and getting $$$$, life is always good.
    I have no idea why some of you get so piss off and get so stress out on this BS word domain game. It is just a game, man- nobody ides.

    Since I am in a good mood, you can have
    LEAFCARS.COM for just $250(obo). Leafcar is a developed site.

    You can read about why I love nissan pickup and pictures of my old 1985 nissan pickup which quit on me at 200K miles.
    Bought a new 2007 Frontier at $15K cash.

    Have a good day, you all.

    Oh..thanks Mr.Mark for letting me comment here.
    You don’t have to pay me YET for my professional commenting fees…LOL

  2. owen frager says:

    Love the video- I thought he was a paranoid fugitive- was this made prior?

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