6 Responses to “Domain Picks for July 17th 2013 and The Pitch”

  1. BullS says:

    After you sold the domain and getting the $$, you better get a backup power supply for your house.
    You cannot afford to be down and lose important sales like this.
    You might even lose all your food and your family will starve to death in the high desert of Taos. Hunger and dehydrated.

    Get solar, Obama will refund $$$$$ to you

    Don’t Procrastinate!!

    What an appropriate domain for you:
    solaranalysts.com–make an offer so you can built your own solar systems

  2. Sergio says:

    along with the latter’s webcamporn.tv
    and is free

  3. BullS says:

    a good generic two word product .com—“””

    I know what the domain you are trying to sell.

  4. Adam says:

    I think the best people to learn about the value from are the people who actually own and build out these domains. Domainers can talk all day long about value but most haven’t realized the values themselves.
    Here’s a great interview with someone who has : http://sullysblog.com/Diapers-Serious-Type-In-Traffic

  5. Educating potential buyers works, good job Mark 😉

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