11 Responses to “Domain Picks Dropping on June 6th 2014”

  1. NameYouNeed says:

    I was talking with a group of people that had different political opinions than me. Still we all agreed that Monsanto was an evil and despicable company.

    • Mark says:

      Yea they are, they will probably send one of their small army of ex-military blackwater style mercenary employees that they have on the payroll to come and talk to us for talking shit about them, I am serious, have you seen Food Inc?

      At least they decided to not renew their patent on the soybean this year, that is good, if you don’t know the story about Monsanto and their GMO soybean you should really look it up or watch Food Inc…

  2. brand says:

    I bought one in auction at GD and it took close to a month to finally get the right coeds for the transfer. the seller was cool, he and i had some great chats. he gave me a free NNN.info for my troubles, hey you never know it may sell lol.
    If you have any other problems at GD, try to get in touch with Vaclav in the auction department, he finally got this done for us.

  3. Shane Cultra says:

    The guys at Namejet are some of the best in the industry. If you are going to sell out they are one of the ones you want to sell to :)

    • Mark says:

      Just so you know Shane, I agree 100%, and I do not get all this sellout crap, whatever, if .pu wants to pay you to put an ad on your site I say put a big .pu banner up and take that money, it’s a domain and we are in the domain business, your job is not really to decide what is good and what is not outside of your blog posts imo, I might like .pu and be glad your ad pointed it out to me, or I might hate .pu and if I blame you for making me get one then I am a loser, either way it’s a domain and you have a domain blog so what is the big deal, you can’t please everybody, some people think .com is dead and don’t like NameJet or have problems with Escrow.com, WTF does that have to do with you advertising them, does that mean you have to be the domain police and pull .com and Escrow ads, I don’t think so.

      If you start posting how great .pu is and you don’t really like it that is a different story, but that is not what 90% of the chatter is about, and that is not what you do. So I say put that .pu ad up if it’s domain related and you have a domain blog…

      • Kassey says:

        Agreed. We are adults so we can all make our own judgement. How can I complain if I’m enjoying your blog everyday — for free!

  4. Domain Observer says:

    Yes, I understand some headaches regarding the escrow service.

    In my humble opinion, A domain escrow service should:

    1. Get the domain in their account by having the seller Push it to their account.

    2. Then they push the domain to the buyer’s account at the same registrar.

    3. Immediately after the push to the buyer’s account, money should be transferred to the seller. No such bs as the buyer’s inspection period even though it’s only 5 minutes. Domain is not a physical object.

    4. They should make it a standard rule for every domain trade.

    5. If there is any escrow co providing the above service, please let people know it.

    • manos says:

      There is no need to push at buyer’s account at same registrar.
      They should receive the name by seller with push in order to release funds early and then manage themselves a push to buyer or a transfer away. With the push they are sure that seller has released the name.
      Had 2 similar, but not identical issues lately.
      First issue was that buyer transferred the name to his account at other registrar and then did not change the WHOIS but left mine.
      As for the second case, buyer transferred to his registrar, changed WHOIS but did not confirm at sedo that received the name.
      Sedo has a deadline of one month for confirmation.
      If they would have receive firstly by push from me, neither issue would happen.
      Only problem at this procedure is with godaddy as there is 60 days registrar lock after push, so if buyer does not want to receive the name at godaddy has to wait 2 months to transfer it away. But i am sure that sedo and other escrow services can bypass this barrier.

  5. Lennard says:

    Lening means loan in Dutch that´s the reason for all those bidders 😉

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