12 Responses to “DomainPicks Dropping on Nov 4th 2014”

  1. Maybe I need to get a will too… :(

    Common, you will be ok in no time.
    It is the misery speaking.

    • Mark says:

      Actually I had planned on doing this for a while and I just kept procrastinating about it, I don’t plan on dying anytime soon. What really motivated me was a friend died recently and his wife had a really hard time because there was no will, it seems cut and dry your wife gets everything when you die but apparently that is not always the case with all assets. It’s not the misery speaking, I am not in misery, just trying to be responsible and make sure I take care of my beautiful wife and daughter…

  2. Aaron Strong says:

    Everyday is precious, no matter what age or health condition…..


  3. Hey mate many people here would miss you so much

  4. BullS says:

    Let take a poll:

    This domainpicks.com is the blog of the year: yes/no

    Mark is the blogger of the Year: yes/no

    Let be honest, this blog is the most useful blog and Mark working independently always have something to write about.

    No doubt, he is the most active blogger regardless of his conditions.

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  5. Andrew Hyde says:

    Absolutely take care of your family first Mark. Not only will they benefit should something tragic happen, it will give you some piece of mind.

    And when it comes to what to do with your domain names if and when something were to happened, it seems like there has to be a better way than leaving instructions and a passwords list lying around. Good domain names are assets. It seems like there ought to be, or maybe I haven’t heard of it, but a way to pass these on though a service. Anyone know of a best practice?

  6. BullSUCKS says:


    On one hand you try to show up an empathetic guy, on the other instant you post your name to market it.

    What a sucker. So full of bull crap.

    He is struggling, and you are only concerned about your name. FUCKTARD.
    Get a life.

    • Mark says:

      Hello RottenBalls,

      It’s not really fair to just pick on BullS for this, if you haven’t noticed most commenters on my blog list a domain for sale these days, it has kind of become a thing, most domain blog sites don’t allow this but it doesn’t really bother me apparently…

    • BullS says:

      @BullSUCKS–you are been watched…-

  7. RU says:

    I took .ORGs. Thanks, Mark!

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