9 Responses to “Domain Picks Dropping on Nov 12th 2014”

  1. Piotr says:

    Hi. Do you proactively search buyers for your domains or rather all of these offers you mentioned come from listing your gtlds on various marketplaces with ‘make an offer’ option?

    I’m asking because I’m yet to receive my first offer on any of my new gtld, and I have quite a few solid ones, too.

    • Mark says:

      Hi Piotr, I have them listed at DNS and Sedo, most of these offers came through DNS where they forward and a few email inquiries. And I have some I think are better than these also that have received no offers, these offers all came in this week and like I said I haven’t sold any yet, just a no pay so far.

      • Piotr says:

        Cool, thanks. Generally I’m not expecting any offers on new gtlds I own to come any time soon. Not to mention, I’ll probably hold on to most of them for some years before I even consider a sale. But it’s nice to know they already get some aftermarket tracktion, however slight. Cheers.

  2. Aaron Strong says:

    I have had very similar offers, as you describe, with Drone.Technology.com……(Ooops, did I really do that?)…I meant Drone.Technology.

    Pick of the day: Drone.Technology

    • Mark says:

      Nice drone name Aaron. And lol, I do that too, it’s a .com world still, I still can’t type .co, it’s .com backspace every time…

  3. lol @ Titcoin … 😀

    Talking about new Gs, no purchases here, no plans to buy … but I’m glad you can get some decent offers at least …
    I’ve got instead some good old .com, like EstateVenture.com, ItalianDiner.com, TropicalSpring.com, LoanAcquisition.com and a few more.

  4. Travis says:

    InNeed.com, I like the sound of that. Hope your arm is healing up nicely. Marijuana.today for $500? No way jose lol. That’s a keeper.

  5. Sell , sell , sell

    Mate I would grab it , a sale is a sale especially a new tld rare

    I just bought


    Hooked to voodoo.com now best of luck mate

  6. Ram says:

    I love peniscoin too 😛

    DOD: BTCscripts.com

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